2020 is off to a slow start

If it feels like I dropped off the planet, that's kind of the case. I normally love the start of the new year for all the reasons folks usually do--a new beginning, a chance to reflect on 2019 and plan for the upcoming year. I am usually the sort of person who doesn't like to sit still. I tend to be working on something all the time. Alas, this has not happened. Here it is the beginning of February and I still haven't finished a lot of "must-have" tasks.  I think it's because they aren't particularly fun jobs (like tax prep). I always tell my kids that when they have a long to-do list they should "eat the frog" and do the one they dislike most first. I guess I need to follow my own advice. Does this happen to you? What are your tips for breaking the procrastination cycle?
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