Soap Dish- two varieties (wood or pebble stone)

$ 5.00

Repeat after me: every handcrafted soap (be it Amani Soaps or soaps from someone else) needs a soap dish!

Handcrafted soap is a chemical reaction which produces soap and glycerin. The glycerin is great for your skin because it attracts moisture but that moisture can cause it to dissolve more quickly, particularly if it is left sitting in water. To offset this, always use a well drained soap dish.

Your choice of varieties: wood or stone. The wood soap dishes are made of hardwood and are hand sanded and finished with a blend of beeswax and mineral oil. The pebble stone soap dishes feature small polished river stones set in a clear epoxy resin.

And if you purchase it together with a bar of soap (see the listing for the Gift Set), you'll save a buck!

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