Soy + Coconut Wax Candles 7 oz (discontinued)

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Sale! We have discontinued this candle. Inventory is extremely limited and will not be restocked in the 7 oz size. 

These 7 oz wooden wick candles have a unique horizontal flame and a soft crackling sound. Crafted with renewable plant-based waxes and wick and poured into a reusable glass tumbler, these premium soy + coconut wax candles coordinate with our soaps and lotions and make a great gift. The candle is packaged in a white gift box. Burn time approximately 45 hours.

See below for tips on wood wick candles.

Bonfire--complex and sophisticated with a hint of leather and oak

Lavender--classic, relaxing, lovely.

Milk & Honey--sweet scent with notes of almonds and a touch of vanilla

Pink Grapefruit --a best seller. Clean and fresh grapefruit fragrance. 

Springtime--floral lemongrass. Matches the soap perfectly

Southern Peach--fruity and tropical, a best seller

Cranberry Apple—the perfect fall and winter fragrance. Spicy and fruity, it is extremely popular.

Earl Gray—lightly scented, with notes of black tea and bergamot.

Zanzibar Spice—somewhat masculine (but very popular with women too) with notes of sandalwood and vanilla. 


Important information:

Burn your candle in a safe, draft-free location away from children and pets. Make sure you burn your candle all the way to the sides of your container on the first burn. This will help prevent tunneling. Wood wicks generally need to be shorter than traditional cotton wicks. Keep them trimmed before each use to a maximum of ¼” in height. If your flame is too small then you might need to trim the wick a little. This wick trimming tool from Amazon is great for getting longest life out of your candles. We are always happy to assist with any questions you might have about our products.

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