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Love is in the air...and the sink! Creating a custom wedding favor soap

adorable wedding favor soapsA few months ago I was contacted through my Facebook page by a woman who had the coolest idea for her wedding: a treasure hunt! But let me step back first. Lisa and her fiancé, Corey first met in Decatur and fell in love with it for many of the same reasons I do. Despite being completely surrounded by Atlanta, Decatur is very different. It’s got a great small town feel, with a walkable downtown full of shops, restaurants and bars. Lisa and Corey decided that they wanted their wedding to celebrate all the things they love about Decatur and to share that love with their family and friends, especially those who don’t live here. They are getting married in late April, probably the prettiest month of the year here (second only to October), when the trees and flowers are in bloom, the pollen is gone, and the mosquitoes have yet to appear. I also got married in April, so I have a bit of a bias, but few Georgians would disagree that it’s gorgeous then.

But back to the wedding. Lisa and Corey are getting married at the Decatur Square, a well-known spot downtown surrounded by the county courthouse, shops, and greenspace. In the center of that greenspace is a large gazebo where they will be married. Interestingly, I can’t ever recall seeing anyone get married there but that seems unlikely because it really is an ideal spot. After the wedding ceremony in lieu of a cocktail hour, guests will be given a map and “tickets” to different businesses they have chosen as their "favorites" over the last two years of dating. Guests will walk over to Victory, a popular bar and restaurant to redeem their ticket for a signature Jack & Coke slushie and a delicious panini of their choice. Next guests will enjoy sweet treats and ice cream down the street at the Butter and Cream ice cream shop.  After this portion of the Treasure Hunt, guests will follow their map down to Twain's Brewpub and Billiards for a reception dinner and games late into the night. The final part of theTreasure Hunt will be to redeem their last ticket for their wedding favor: handcrafted soap.

That’s where I come in, obviously. Lisa and Corey love Home Grown, a really great boutique featuring locally made art and crafts. I have my soap there, and Lisa fell in love with them. (Not trying to toot my own horn, but she used those words exactly!) She reached out and asked if I would make their wedding favors. For those who don’t know, I had soap as favors at my own wedding four years ago so, of course, I loved the idea. We met recently and planned everything out. The soap is pink and cream, their wedding colors, and is scented with peach. They’ll be packaged in ivory organza bags with custom tags designed by the bride.

I feel honored to be part of their wedding and wish them all the best. Congratulations!

Bride and groom and their boys



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