Wood Wick Candle Care Tips

Wood wick candles contain a unique flame and emit a slight crackling noise-- contributing to a relaxing ambiance. How...

Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. Now that most people have been vaccinated for covid, we look forward ...

Ingredient Spotlight: Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil may be one of the best oils you have never heard of. Despite it's usefulness as a culinary oil (high sm...

Cranberry Apple Hand Pies

Welp, 2020 has done messed up Thanksgiving which is pretty unforgivable in my book. But here we are. No one wants to ...

Our Partnership with Pendo Naturals

This picture is of two Pendo Natural's employees receiving their salary for the first time since the pandemic started...

"No Sugar" Apple Pie

I first got this recipe years and years ago from my sister in law. It doesn't use added sugar but instead gets its sw...

How to Choose a Gift

A framework to help you choose a great gift.

Fresh Peach Crumble

How to make a super easy and delicious peach crumble.

All about Lip Care and Lip Balm

In the scheme of things, chapped lips are pretty minor but when you've got them, it's hard to ignore. Dry air, winter...


Its a challenging time, no two ways about it. The coronavirus is impacting everyone in ways big and small. Life feels...


I think if we were to quiz 100 people about the concept of balance, most folks would say it is something they struggl...

Growing Succulents--3 Steps to Success

How to grow succulent plants for your home including repurposing the jars from our Good Thoughts candles into a planter.
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