Giving Back

Amani Soaps is a small company. Nonetheless, we strive to give back to our community and our planet. Every year we donate hundreds of bars of soap to shelters serving the homeless or women escaping domestic violence. We also donate monthly to the Rainforest Action Network for their programs that work to end the use of palm oil in Asia. Amani Soaps does not use palm oil, however, it is a common component in soap (as well as many cookies and snacks). Palm oil plantations are responsible for a large amount of rainforest destruction in Indonesia and Malaysia. This has resulted in significant habitat loss for endangered orangutans as well as very hazardous air quality from burning the land to clear it. The rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia sit atop huge peat bogs. As the land is cleared, the peat bogs dry out and become extremely flammable. Fires from peat bogs can burn underground for weeks and even months. In addition to the resulting smoke and poor air quality, they also release massive amounts of carbon, twice that of a traditional forest.

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