Every Day is a Gift

Amani is all about celebrating the little things in life that make a difference--coffee in bed, walks in the woods, and yes, even pretty soap. We really believe every day is a gift to be celebrated and we want that for you too. 


There are certain experiences in life that can profoundly change the way we view everything. In my case, it was being widowed when I was 39, but it could be any number of things: parenthood, career change, death, divorce, illness. These are a part of life and happen to everyone but they can be really hard. What I learned from my experience was to never take life for granted. Every day is a gift. It is just not worth it to get bogged down by the much smaller challenges we all face (cleaning the kitchen, the guy who cut you off on the highway, the kid who forgets their lunch). I have resolved to try my hardest to appreciate life and in particular the little things:  watching a movie with your child, going for a run on a beautiful day, hot chocolate in winter. There's also the little victories that people overlook but surely deserve a medal. Made it to Friday?  Check. Fed the kids? Check. Didn't hit the send button when you really wanted to? Check. Didn't lose your cool when the kids pushed your buttons? Check. Forgave yourself when you did? All award-worthy.

I encourage everyone to treat every day as a gift because it is. I hope you'll join me.