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A Mediocre Life

Recently, I read the article "What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life?" at No Side Bar, a website dedicated to living a simpler life. While I'm not too keen on the word "mediocre" because it has negative connotations, the message still spoke to me as a person, parent, and business owner.  So much of our existence is focused on doing more, being more. Just Do It. Be All You Can Be. Hustle. When you throw in parenting (especially for moms) or having your own business, the push to excel is even stronger. And the truth is, I don't really want anything other than what I have. Sometimes I'm a good mom and sometimes I'm a shitty mom. Sometimes I work really hard at my business and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I run 4 miles and sometimes I take a nap. Posterity won't remember me as someone who changed the world but, hopefully, my family will remember me as someone who went to a lot of soccer games, listened to stories of office drama, drove to the store at 9 PM to buy glue sticks, and was their most loyal cheerleader. To me, that's success.

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