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I think if we were to quiz 100 people about the concept of balance, most folks would say it is something they struggle with. I can for sure say it is something I find challenging. There's just so much to juggle: career, family, friends, physical health, mental health, the list can go on and on. Add in the stress and expectations of ourselves, other people, or the holidays and it can get pretty daunting. Fortunately, I've discovered the secret to maintaining the perfect balance of all these components.

My secret? I gave up. Seriously, it's an impossible task. Too many people feel like they need to do it all, and that's not realistic. More than that, it isn't healthy. I could probably find research studies that explain all the ways our expectations of work-life balance impact our well-being, but I'm not going to bother looking. Why? First of all, I don't have time and second, we all know that we can't do everything and don't need someone else to confirm it. So why am I writing about balance if it's impossible? I'm doing this because I still think it is important to try and also (this is the important part) cut ourselves some slack.

My personal mantra has always been "done is better than perfect". And I really do believe this. I can already hear some folks thinking to themselves, "well, that just sounds like an excuse to be slack", but it's not. It's permission to strive to do well at something but not at the expense of the other parts of our life. It's permission to do our best but not beat ourselves up if we fall short. It's permission to admit that we are all just human and, therefore, not perfect. It's permission to remember that society's expectations of how something should be really don't matter. 

So...when you think about balance I don't want you to think about doing it all; I want you to think about doing your best and letting go of the rest.

Do you know someone who might need a reminder about balance? Or is that person you?! Now through December 31st, our Balance candles are 20% off. Scented with black tea and bergamot, these are our most popular candle fragrance. Offer is only available online.

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