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Good Thoughts Gift Candles - Amani Soaps

Good Thoughts Gift Candles

You asked, we delivered (after overthinking it). 

One of the products I am most proud of are our Good Thoughts gift candles. These gorgeous candles are packaged in a beautiful gift box and each come with a corresponding keepsake stone engraved with a message. With a choice of 8 different words (balance, courage, dream, discover, faith, gratitude, love and purpose), the candles are applicable to so many different situations from graduation, weddings, and other events (new job/home/adventure) to times of challenge and struggle. We (and so many others) think these are the perfect gift for nearly everyone.

However, many folks have asked why the stones in our Good Thoughts candle are at the bottom, instead of the top. It's a fair question. There were a number of reasons I chose this--some practical (it's easier to make a candle with the stone at the bottom) and some simply for fun (it's exciting to get to the bottom of the candle and find a surprise.) I suppose if I am being honest, I also like the look of a nice smooth candle top. But, I always understood the appeal of having the stone on the top too...Sometimes you just don't want to wait to get to the stone. And, of course, it is easy to know exactly what you are getting when you see the stone as soon as you open the box...

And so, in typical form, I thought and thought and thought about this...and then thought some more. And then I did nothing. Side note: I recently ordered new business cards and decided to give myself a new job title: Owner, Maker and Chief Overthinker.

Flash forward two entire years and I finally decided to go for it. Now when you open your new gift candle, you'll see the keepsake stone right on the top. All you'll need to do is remove the stone and light the candle as usual. The stone can be cleaned up with a bit of soap and water and rubbed dry with a cloth to remove any remaining wax. Then pop it in your pocket, put it on your desk, or share the love with a friend.

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