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Our Charitable Partnership--Kate's Club - Amani Soaps

Our Charitable Partnership--Kate's Club

If you know me or have read the about page on Amani's website, you'll know that I was widowed at a young age. My first husband died in 2008 from pancreatic cancer when he was 38 years old. My children were still quite young (4, 7, and 9) and this was obviously tremendously difficult for them. Someone suggested we look into a group called Kate's Club (and whoever that someone was--thank you!) Kate's Club is a non-profit organization in Atlanta that serves children who are grieving the loss of a parent or sibling. Kate's Club ended up being a lifesaver, for so many reasons.

Kate's Club was founded in 2003 by Kate Atwood who had lost her mother to cancer when she was 12. This experience profoundly changed her life and over time one of the things she realized was there was little to no services available for grieving kids. She founded Kate's Club to help fill that need, both for healing and companionship. Kate's Club offers a variety of services for school-age children, including monthly therapeutic activities for kids, quarterly outings for a day of fun at museums, theaters, ice skating etc. They have support groups for children facing a specific kind of loss (suicide, for example), family activities, and a parent/caregiver support group. They also have a weekend camp twice a year which is focused on fun and healing. All of these services are provided free to families.

Children experiencing the death of a parent or sibling often feel different from their peers. It is particularly traumatic because kids feel so alone and don't have the skills or ability to navigate grief and loss. One of the best things about Kate's Club is that it is a space where children don't feel different. They can share their story if they want and know that everyone there, even the volunteers, have been in their shoes. 

Because Kate's Club is such an important organization both personally and to the community, we've committed to donating a portion of our annual sales to them. We believe their mission and values align closely with Amani and are proud to support them. If you'd like to know more about Kate's Club, to donate or access their services, please visit their website

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