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Product Spotlight--Soap Dishes - Amani Soaps

Product Spotlight--Soap Dishes

Did you know we make soap dishes? We do! In fact, we sell more soap dishes on Etsy than anything else. Did you even know we have an Etsy store??? I much prefer my own website (I hope you do too) but keep the Etsy store open precisely because folks purposely seek out our dishes there. Our soap dishes are made with a clear epoxy set with either river pebbles or white quartz stones. The dish with river pebbles has a very natural, rustic appearance while the white ones are clean and modern. They keep your soap raised up just enough so that it can dry between uses. Keeping handmade soap dry is particularly important since the glycerin that is naturally present is water-soluble. To maintain your soap dish, simply scrub lightly with a kitchen sponge and rinse. Don't put it in the dishwasher. That's it!

If you have one of our dishes please post a picture here and/or take a moment to write a review for others. Know of a store or outfitter that might like to carry these? Drop us a note at  


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