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Sneak Peak of Our New Candle - Amani Soaps

Sneak Peak of Our New Candle

There are many occasions in our lives deserving of acknowledgment. Perhaps it's a wedding or the birth of a child. It could be a new job or graduation. Or maybe it is a time of hardship: the death of a loved one, divorce or job loss. It can even be something that may not qualify as a milestone but is still pretty darn important; achieving a goal to finish a half marathon, thanking a teacher for all they do, welcoming a new neighbor, letting someone know you care.

We've all been in this situation so what do we usually do? Sometimes it's hard to know what is best. We might give them a call, send flowers or bake a casserole. These are all great options and when in doubt it's always better to let someone know you care. However, we wanted a way for that message of love or encouragement to continue far beyond the flowers or casserole. And so we created a one of a kind product that does just that.

Our new candles feature a gorgeous custom ceramic vessel, our signature coconut soy wax blend, and sophisticated fragrances. Embedded in each candle is a white quartz stone engraved with the Amani flower and a word expressing an uplifting sentiment. When the candle finishes burning, remove the stone (carefully!) and keep it along with the ceramic vessel. Carry the stone in your pocket or put on a desk or dresser as a daily reminder of the intent and good wishes in which it was given. Or, perhaps, you can pass the stone on to someone else who might need it. The blue and white container does double duty as a pretty planter for succulents.

Here are the new candle sentiments and a few suggestions for when they might be used:

Balance--For all the people who need a little reminder to slow down! Also great for a parent, someone starting a new job or for anyone making a conscious effort to live more mindfully. Features our best selling Earl Grey fragrance.

Courage--For folks facing challenging times or anyone who wants to remind themselves to live life fearlessly. Features our zippy Rosemary Mint fragrance.

Discover--Sometimes we need a reminder to challenge ourselves, try new things, push ourselves to know more, create more, live more. It could be at school, at work, in art or travel. Discover pushes our boundaries so that we can see our world and ourselves from an expanded perspective. Features our exotic sandalwood vanilla fragrance, Zanzibar Spice.

Dream--Perfect for a new graduate, new parent, setting a goal, moving to a new home, or starting a business. Features our popular peach fragrance.

Faith--Whether it is faith in a higher power, ourselves, or the universe, faith can remind us that even if times are challenging we can persevere.  It can also serve as the cornerstone for how we choose to live our lives.  Perfect for new beginnings such a marriage but also during times of struggle. Scented with our classic lavender fragrance.

Gratitude--A reminder to all the people in our lives that we are thankful for them. Share it with a friend, loved one, teacher, co-worker, neighbor. It's also a great way to remind ourselves to be thankful for all the good things in our lives (and not just in November)! Scented with our sweet and soothing Milk & Honey fragrance.

Love--We were brought into this world to love and what better way to celebrate life than to share that love. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day or just because. Features our fresh and clean Pink Grapefruit scent.

Purpose--We all have a purpose in life. Perhaps it is our family, career or how we choose to live our lives. We might not always know what it is and it might (probably) change in the course of our lives but every one of us is here for a reason. Great for people starting a new job, raising a family or as support for someone. Features our oak & vanilla scent, Bonfire.

We are working hard to get these ready as quickly as possible and anticipate they will be ready in September. However, we are so excited that we couldn't wait to let everyone know. Stay tuned and we promise to let you know as soon as they're ready.

New candles coming September 2019



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