Soap Standle—soap stand + holder

Product image 1Soap Standle—soap stand + holder - Amani Soaps
Product image 2Soap Standle—soap stand + holder - Amani Soaps
Product image 3Soap Standle—soap stand + holder - Amani Soaps
Product image 4Soap Standle—soap stand + holder - Amani Soaps
Product image 5Soap Standle—soap stand + holder - Amani Soaps

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There are only two things I sell that I don’t personally make and this is one (the other is a wick trimmer.) Years ago I was at a soap making conference (yes that’s a thing) and a man brought a 3D printed prototype of a little gadget he had invented. The Soap Standle, as he named it, attaches to the bar of soap and raises it up so it dries faster and also serves as a “handle” that makes it easier to hold in the shower. Your soap will last longer too. You can use it with or without a soap dish. They really work-otherwise I wouldn’t be selling them. These are made in the USA from post-consumer resin. 

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kr panchal
Soap Sandle and button

I read about soap Standle to use with a soap bar. It is excellent idea that helps a user to have a decent way to store and use his her favorite soap on sink and in shower room. I am Indie. Long back in 60s when I was a school boy, a plastic disk was available at grocery store in our town. My father used it. When I bought a new bar soap, he will open the new bar and attach it over the current soap bar also the disk will remain to support soap sandwich. Soon we moved to Mumbai and afterwards the disk was not found and almost forgotten.

Here I have chosen to write to introduce a button that can be well used as soap-standle. A button can ne snipped off a shirt or trouser and used to attach at bottom of a soap bar. Buttons come in variety of shapes and sizes. Any one will work. A button that is flat on both face will not be good.

I have used button on soap bar since last year. The experience is good and I continue to use. So the trial is successful. I hope what have disclosed to you will be interesting to you. I can send more pictures of my soap bar in use and also a soap box that I have devised for a bather to use and store a soap bar in a safe and convenient way. I call the soap box as Soap.. Sandal.

I hope you will be moved to experiment and share new concepts in bathing. Thanks for your time and attention to this first review on your site.

I hope to hear encouraging words from you. I wish best results in your efforts to serve customers with genuine products.


kr panchal

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