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Nine ideas for empty candle containers

You've burned your fabulous new candle, but, what do you do with the empty tumbler? Good question. The easy answer: don't throw it away! First, you should clean it. Burn it as far as can possibly go. There will be a small amount of wax in the bottom but you'll be able to see the little metal clip that secures the wick. Grab a pair of pliers and carefully pull the clip out. Pop the tumbler into the freezer then use a butter melt to remove the frozen wax. If you have an electric wax melter (like Scentsy), you can melt the excess wax and enjoy every last bit of your candle. Give the tumbler a quick scrub with a sponge and dish soap. Because our candles aren't made with paraffin, they will clean up quickly and easily. That's it! Now, what can you do with your squeaky clean tumbler? Here are nine suggestions:

Drink out of it!

Bourbon, wine or juice, this glass is a perfect size. Our wood wick candle jars are basically an oversized whiskey tumbler. Over time, you can have a matched set too!



Corral loose change

Save up enough for a night at the movies.



Organize your bathroom counter

Store Q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes, or toothpaste...



Make a sweet vase

Make use of all the flowers with short stems.



Store paper clips

Organize your desk. Or organize my desk, thank you very much.



Create a mini succulent planter

Put gravel at the bottom so that your plants don't get waterlogged. Or mix in some sand and plant mini cacti. If you have a ceramic jar, you can get a tile bit and drill a drain hole. Some specialty plant shops will even do it for you for a small fee.



Hold pens or pencils

More ways to organize your desk...



Create a pretty tablescape

Drop in tea lights from the dollar store to make a quick decoration for a patio table.



If all else fails, recycle it!


Do you have suggestions for other ways to use an empty candle jar? Add them in the comment section!


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