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New packaging

Rosemary Mint Soap Our values

Our new packaging isn't exactly new since we began using it in July 2017. However, we haven't yet told the story of our packaging, which is a bit more involved. Granted, telling the story of a box isn't exactly riveting but I think it speaks to who we are as a company so it is worth some time and effort.

Our packaging is actually only one piece of a larger rebranding process which I started in early 2016. You read that right: two years ago. I hired a graphic designer to help me create a new logo, typography, brand colors as well as packaging. The entire process took quite a bit longer (and cost a lot more) than I anticipated but I am very happy with the end result. My goal was to create a clean, minimalistic aesthetic with a muted color palette of gray and blue. I felt this was necessary since many of my products are colorful. I wanted my logo to be casual and handwritten to mimic the swirls in my soap. The flower design is a nod to the gorgeous plasterwork seen in the architecture of Zanzibar, a place that is near and dear to my heart.

The heart of what I believe in as a person and a company is printed on my boxes and bottles. Many people know that I was widowed when I was only 39 years old (pancreatic cancer). It was a life-changing event and although it has been 10 years, it continues to shape my life, as well the lives of my children and my husband's family. Although it is terribly cliche, through this I have learned to value every day we have on this planet. And inside each day we have so many things to embrace and be thankful for. The packaging on my soap lists just a few of the things that matter. They aren't weddings, holidays or vacations but are instead the mundane and ordinary because, as the saying goes "the little things are really the big things".

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