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Product Changes & Seasonal Offerings - Amani Soaps

Product Changes & Seasonal Offerings

After plenty of contemplation (dare I say overthinking), I have made some exciting product changes at Amani.

  • Lip Balm--I have finally reformulated my lip balm to be vegan. I am now using candellila wax, which is derived from a plant native to the SW United States. All the remaining ingredients are the same, however, candelilla wax is a bit glossier than beeswax, so I have tweaked the proportions slightly to achieve a finished product that is quite similar to the old version. We think you'll love it!
  • Milk & Honey and Zanzibar Spice--The Milk & Honey scent is being discontinued but lover's of goat's milk will be happy to know that Zanzibar Spice soap will now be made with goat's milk. Furthermore, I am reformulating the Zanzibar Spice fragrance slightly to have stronger notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The Gratitude Good Thoughts candle will now have the Zanzibar Spice scent while the Discover Good Thoughts candle will become more of a seasonal offering. If any of the current products are ones you love, I'd encourage you to stock up while they are still available!
  • Fresh Pine Wood Wick Candle-- A shocking confession: last year I purchased a pine-scented candle. I'm not sure why I waited so long to start offering this seasonal scent, but I am so glad I have one available. Available now!
  • Spiced Orange Seasonal Soap--A fall favorite: our luxurious soap scented with a phenomenal essential oil blend of blood orange, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger grass. Available in extremely limited quantities.
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