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Soap Dishes

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Help your soap to last longer by using one of these unique 3"x5" handcrafted resin soap dishes. Rubber bumpers on the bottom protect countertops and keep the dish from sliding across wet surfaces. There are several varieties available and all are gorgeous! Read on for descriptions of different options.

All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only! The exact soap dish you receive will be different, but similar, to the photographs. 

Soap residue can build up on your dish over time. To clean, simply rub with a kitchen sponge and warm water. Epoxy resin will soften in hot temperatures (but re-harden when temperatures are cooler). Please use care when cleaning and only use warm water. Soap dishes are not dishwasher safe!

Use these with the soap standle to help your soap dry even faster.


****Soap Dish Options****

New! Polished Banded Agate-Georgia is known for having a huge variety of rocks and minerals. The stones for these dishes were hand-collected in NW Georgia and are known as Summerville agate. After cleaning, I cut these to approximately 1/2" and tumbled them for more than 6 weeks. The stones feature beautiful banding and lace patterns in shades of grey, white, dark red and brown. They are gorgeous!

Polished River Stone-Inspired by my honeymoon trip to Belize. While out hiking, we crossed a small creek with crystal clear water and beautiful little pebbles. The particular geology of Belize is almost entirely made up of limestone which contributes to the incredible clarity of the water. I replicated these in a soap dish using pebbles I tumble for four weeks and set in a clear epoxy resin. Stones are approximately 1/2 inch each and are in shades of brown, tan, black, and cream.

White Quartz-These smooth polished stones have a wonderful soft feel and look great in a modern, minimalist bath. I tumble the stones for around four weeks then set them in a resin soap mold. You may see very small discolorations on a few stones but the overall effect is a lovely monochrome white.

Hand Collected Quartz (Rose, Clear, White)-. One of my favorite pastimes is to spend the day collecting quartz at a small family-run mine in western Georgia. This is not one of your "run of the mill" gem-mining places with salted buckets of dirt; everything here must be dug out of the ground by hand. The rose quartz from here is a very light pink; lighter than what you might get from a mine in Brazil or Madagascar. However, it's worth it because in many countries mineral mining is destructive to the environment and workers are not compensated fairly. I love knowing that I am the very first person to see and hold these rocks. I also like knowing these were collected ethically (by me!) and with care and respect. 

Important note about quartz dishes: each quartz dish is available with polished or rough stones. The polished stones have been tumbled for 4 weeks. The rough stones are only tumbled for around 24 hours--just long enough to buff off the extremely sharp edges.

"Bower bird" Dishes from the Mediterranean-Are you familiar with the bower bird? Native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, the male builds these elaborate and colorful structures to court a mate. Each structure contains twigs and bits of collected items (shells, stones, glass, plastic etc). They're beautiful. If I were to have a spirit animal, it would be the bowerbird. 

I wanted to find a use for all these found objects so I have transformed them into beautiful and functional resin soap dishes. Each is completely unique but primarily contain beach stones, tile chips, sea glass, and occasional trinkets. They all contain an engraved stone with the word Discover; a reminder to us all to keep our eyes and hearts open to the beauty in small things.

Nantahala River Stone-Hand collected from the gorgeous Nantahala river in western North Carolina. The majority of these stones are black, dark gray, or speckled. 

Sea Shell-Primarily fragments of sea shells intermingled with bits of sea glass, pebbles and other objects. Shell fragments are fragile; handle with extra care.



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